Heritage Organic Farm serves the southeast coastal Georgia area, mainly with our certified organic box business, but also by serving co-ops and health foods stores. The farm is not open to the public unless there is a surplus during harvest days, and then signs are posted on access roads.

Our 20 acre farm has been certified organic since 1991. We are certified by the USDA and QCS. Most of the produce we grow ends up in our box program. To expand our seasons, we will be growing some in hoop houses as well as our regular row cropping and raised beds.

We also offer organic farming educational workshops for school children and participate in the USDA’s mentoring program for organic farmers. We were featured in WTOC’s Proud to be a Georgia Farmer series.

Here are a few comments:

“Heritage Organic Farm is practicing sustainability and providing incredible edibles to our area. They are deeply committed to the health of our environment and community. For decades Heritage has committed to sustainable practices.”  Lee W. – Statesboro, GA

“This is to thank you for the box delivery over the past ten weeks. I am headed north early next week after a wonderful winter here in Savannah. I have enjoyed the box service and hope that when I return next winter (in early January) that you will still be offering this service and that I can arrange a short-term subscription again. So….wishing you a plentiful growing season and thanking you for making my winter here nutritious and healthy!”  Jane – Alexandria, VA

“Getting my box from the farm on a Friday is the highlight of my week, the excitement of finding what’s in the box this week ….. almost like Christmas! The fruit and veggies are always such good quality and so fresh – thank you for the excellent service you provide! Thanks also for the nutritional notes and recipes you email to me from time to time – very good and useful information.” Joan – Rincon, GA

“The box is delivered fresh and at a reduced cost. I have compared prices with what we can get locally and your price and quality of products cannot be beat. You also have a wider variety of items.” Elizabeth – Savannah, GA

“Thank you for your healthy, fresh produce!” Marilyn – Savannah, GA

“Thanks for including the persimmons-one of my faves. I have not had one that sweet since I was a kid!!! I was so surprised to find them in the box-what a treat!!” Melanie – Richmond Hill, GA

This weeks box was awesome. We cooked the green beans and some of the broccoli Monday night and they were so good. We had the oranges (which are the best) and the kiwi with some of the apples from the last box in a fruit salad that I made. I am eating an orange as I type and it is awesome. Lori – Savannah, GA

“We absolutely loved our box – the strawberries and tomatoes are exceptional. Thank you for the kale recipe-this is a new green to us, so we’ve been putting in our salads-I will try cooking it using your recipe.” Chris – Hilton Head, SC

“Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! The box is great and we are so happy. Just wish I would have started sooner! Thank you for the beautiful healthy food!!!!!!!!!!” Sandee – Savannah, GA

“Thank you for providing such beautiful produce! We loved the persimmons! We had never tried them before. The apples were delicious too. I baked the pumpkin. We all enjoyed it. It tasted like “fall.” Melissa M. – Statesboro

“We are really enjoying our fresh produce. We plan our meals around “the box.” It’s like having Christmas day every Friday!” Pat H. – Statesboro, GA

“The okra this week was so good, we even ate it for breakfast!” Pam Y – Savannah, GA

“I cannot tell you how excited we are each and every time I pick up the box – it is like Christmas morning. The cabbage, celery, avocados, the pecans – all of it! Thank you so much for providing this service – we really appreciate it.” Kim K – Bluffton, SC

“The broccoli, kiwi, and apples are fantastic. Getting these organic fruits & vegis have changed my entire way of eating. I’ve always eaten lots of fruit, but was very “slack” on the vegi side of things. It’s fun never knowing what we’ll get & I’ve tried new vegetables I would have never considered in the past! I very much enjoy every type of food that is provided in the boxes, some I’ve never seen before. The variety is wonderful and makes a difference in my health.” Karen M. – Hilton Head, SC